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  • Project managers work to connect problem-solvers with problems. So, it may seem natural to find certified Project Management Professional Kris Troukens learning about a problem
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  • Malingua Pamba, Ecuador
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  • Project Managers Without Borders began their relationship with Engineers Without Borders in December 2015 to provide project management services on their ongoing Ecuador Irrigation project.
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Blog (latest posts)

  • Lending Your Expertise When You Have Limited Time

    “Everyone is interested inmaking the world a better place andwe are interested indoing that through project management.”Deanna Landers, FounderProject Managers Without BordersHave you ever considered volunteering for a non-profit, but were afraid that you will be una...

  • Millennials: Your Best Resources for Project Management in the World of NGOs

    Unless you have been living in a different galaxy for the past decade, you have probably heard of Millennials and how they are conquering the workplace. However, who are these individuals with a cool sounding name, what are the traits that define them and, more important for us, how can they impact ...

  • The Opportunity in Ambiguity

    By Deanna LandersMost of us are pretty uncomfortable with uncertainty. Of course we are, we’re in project management. We like neat and tidy plans. We like the process to be defined, whether it’s waterfall, agile, a hybrid of the two, or something else. We want everything to...