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  • Project managers work to connect problem-solvers with problems. So, it may seem natural to find certified Project Management Professional Kris Troukens learning about a problem
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  • Malingua Pamba, Ecuador
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  • Project Managers Without Borders began their relationship with Engineers Without Borders in December 2015 to provide project management services on their ongoing Ecuador Irrigation project.
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Blog (latest posts)

  • Why Water?

     Project Managers Without Borders (PMWB) is dedicated to educating project management professionals on practices for leveraging their skills and experiences as volunteers with non-profit and non-governmental organizations. With a focus on development projects initiated to improve the commun...

  • The Art of Asking Questions

    As project managers, our role is to get work done through other people. This means we not only need the right people on the team, but we need the humility to admit that there are many people who know much more than we do. “When I started out as a project manager, I would listen intently to the...

  • Lending Your Expertise When You Have Limited Time

    “Everyone is interested inmaking the world a better place andwe are interested indoing that through project management.”Deanna Landers, FounderProject Managers Without BordersHave you ever considered volunteering for a non-profit, but were afraid that you will be una...